Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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An Army Panorama in 302-Foot Mural

Washington--The largest mural ever to be painted in this country, showing the development of the American Army from 1776 to the present time, is now being completed here for exhibition at the Golden Gate International Exposition at San Francisco in 1939.

The mural, 302 feet long and 12 1/2 feet high, consists of ten panels showing American soldiers in action in various periods of the nation's history and accurately depicting the types of uniforms worn at the time.

The gigantic painting, said to be the second largest one in the world, is the work of two men, Kenneth Stubbs, art instructor at the Corcoran Gallery of Art here, and Frank Imrey, a Hungarian artist, Mr. Stubbs's assistant.

New York Times, September 11, 1938, p. 10E