Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

photograph of the artist
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The Corcoran School of Art, The Sixty-Sixth Year, September 29, 1952 to May 28, 1953.  The Corcoran Gallery of Art.  Seventeenth Street at New York Avenue, North-West.  Washington 6, D.C.

The Board of Trustees: Robert V. Fleming, Charles C. Glover, Jr., R. M. Kauffmann, John Oliver LaGorce, John Spalding Flannery, John H. Hall, Breckenridge Long, Corcoran Thom, Jr. George E. Hamilton, Jr.

The Officers: 
President: Charles C. Glover, Jr.
Vice-President: R. M. Kauffmann
Second Vice-President: John Oliver LaGorce
Secretary: Hermann Warner Williams, Jr.
Treasurer: Corcoran Thom, Jr.
Counsel: George E. Hamilton, Jr.
Assistant Treasurer: I. J. Roberts
Assistant Secretary: Henry B. Caldwell

The Faculty:
Director: Hermann Warner Williams, Jr.
Assistant Director: Henry B. Caldwell
Assistant Treasurer: 	I. J. Roberts
Principal, Instructor in Painting: Richard Lahey
Vice Principal, Instructor in Painting: Eugen Weisz
Administrative Officer: Agnes Mayo
Secretary: Arija Ringmanis
Night School Supervisor: Arvid Hedin
Instructor in Sculpture: Heinz Warneke
Instructor in Painting: Kenneth Stubbs
Instructor in Painting: Edmund Archer
Instructor in Painting: Jessalee Sickman
Instructor in Painting: Omar Carrington
Instructor in Commercial Art: Joseph Hunter Ross III
Instructor in Commercial Art: Leslie Mitchell
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School Faculty: Richard Lahey, Eugen Weisz, Robert Laurent, Kenneth Stubbs, Agnes Mayo, Secretary
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Space (related to pic. plane - esp. the base); shallow space - Giotto, Piero; deeper space - Daumier; deep space - landscapes: Van Gogh, Cezanne; implied space projects us back from picture frame (units in distance related to picture plane)
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Space - eye moves into space and along or around forms; illustrations of space at top, space at side, space at bottom, and space in middle with red arrows indicating track eye typically follows
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Movement by tipping balance on center line; used by El Greco, Rubens, Cezanne, etc.; illustrative sketch of El Greco Portrait of Paravicino (Phaidon, p. 196)
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Directional lines tending to enclose figure (aid in determining size & shape of rectangle) [illustration of figure with red lines indicating directional lines]; Directional lines tending to enclose picture [illustration of figure in scene with window, with red lines indicating directional lines]
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