Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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SWA: Society of Washington Artists 1952
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History: The Society of Washington Artists was founded in 1892.  It is the progenator of the present Corcoran Biennial.  Its purpose is to further art and art interests in Washington.  Throughout the years, its members have included the foremost artists, museum directors and critics of Washington.  Officers of the Society of Washington Artists: Mary R. Snow, President. Rowland Lyon, Vice-President. Samuel Bookatz, Treasurer. Mimi DuBois Bolton, Recording Secretary. Eleanor Keller, Corresponding Secretary. Executive Committee: Omar R. Carrington, Jane Love, Charles Shinn, Robert E. Willis.  Exhibition designed by Robert E. Willis.  Publicity Director: Joyce Field.  Exhibition Committee: Elaine Hartley, Chairman; Clare Fontanini, Gladys Milligan, Anthony Qualia, Henry Olson, Jack Perlmutter.  For information concerning prices, call Mrs. Eleanor Keller, Secretary, NOrth 6136.  Designed by Robert E. Willis - Mazo Press.
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60th annual exhibition at the National Collection of Fine Arts, Natural History Building, 10th & Constitution Ave., N.W.  March 7-28, 1952. 1892-1952.
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Jury: Painting, Isabel Bishop.  Sculpture, Jacque Lipchitz.
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List of prizes and awards.  First half of list of paintings exhibited (1-40).
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Second half of list of paintings exhibited (41-86), including 78. 'Miriam' by Kenneth Stubbs.  List of sculptures exhibited (87-107)
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