Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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SWA: Society of Washington Artists 1892 - 1953.  61st Annual Exhibition.  March 5-29.
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Jury: Painting, Peppino Mangravite. Sculpture, Hugo Robus.  Officers of the Society of Washington Artists.  Mary R. Snow, President.  Rowland Lyon, Vice President.  John Chapman Lewis, Treasurer.  Joyce Field, Recording Secretary.  Mary Hovnanian, Corresponding Secretary.  Executive Committee:  Kenneth Stubbs, Clare Fontanini, Mimi DuBois Bolton, Lee Atkyns.  Exhibition Committee:  Robert E. Willis, Chairman, Mimi DuBois Bolton, Vice-Chariman, Inez Leinbach, Rowland Lyon, Hazel Van Natter.  For information concerning prices, call Miss Mary Hovnanian, Corresponding Secretary, Emerson 2-7711.  The cooperation of Mr. Thomas M. Beggs, Director of the National Collection of Fine Arts, is greatly appreciated.  Designed by Robert E. Willis - Mazo Press.
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First section of list of paintings exhibited (1-50) and prize winners.
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Second section of list of paintings exhibited (51-82a) including #71: Kenneth Stubbs, Abstraction.  List of sculptures exhibited (83-98) and prize winners.
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