Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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3 Win Silver Medals in Landscape Club Show

Landscape Club of Washington is presenting its second exhibition of the season beginning this afternoon at the Corcoran. The first was held at Arts Club last November. For the present occasion officers and board of the club constituted the jury of selection. James Lane of the National Gallery and Doug Kingman, San Francisco watercolorist, made the awards.

The silver medal in oil went to Andrea Zerega for "Near Rockville," an effective canvas with slate gray sky and yellow corn; in watercolor, to Eliot O'Hara for his "Upland Grass," a bold and simple design. Silver medal for prints was won by Newman Sudduth for his "Charleston Street Scene."

First, second, third and fourth honorable mention in oil went to S. Pratt for his glowing little "Autumn," C. Nyquist, K. Stubbs and Paul Thompson. In watercolor honorable mention was given to O. Carrington and to Prentiss Taylor.

As it happens, we also felt these prize winners best in the show. In addition, we liked W. Carnelli's "Cornfield." The whole assemblage is restfully limited to 50 entries and on the whole reveals a pleasant competence although nothing takes the breath away completely.

[... paragraphs on other shows omitted ...]

Katrina van Hook, Washington Post, April 21, 1946, page 6B