Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Stubbs Show At Whyte's

Kenneth Stubbs, of the Corcoran Art School faculty, is having his first one-man show in Washington at the Whyte Gallery. A first impression of these carefully composed canvases in clear color is one of respect for conscientious execution and the knowledge of principles behind the work; of regret that it seems so cold and lifeless.

The painting by Grandma Moses, which the 88-year-old painter kindly donated to the Red Feather Campaign, was shown here in Washington at the National Collection of Fine Arts and has since started a tour of the country. Depicting a children's home, Grandma Moses' oil is being used as symbol and stimulus for Community Chest drives throughout the country.

An exhibition of prints by the Negro artist, Dox Thrash, will be shown through the month at the Smithsonian Division of Graphic Arts. Thrash, through the Federal Art Project in Philadelphia, had the chance to experiment with his media which resulted in a development of his own--the "carbograph," a combination carborundum-mezzotint. Carbographs and etchings make up the present show, an individual display of unusual interest.

The Mexican Embassy is sponsoring an exhibition of paintings of Mexico by a French painter, Maurice Saint-Lou, at the United Nations Club.

Washington Post, November 14, 1948, page L5