Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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One of Washington's well-known teachers and artists, Kenneth Stubbs, is now showing at the Franz Bader Gallery in his first exhibit in quite a few years. Stubbs has both studied and taught at the Corcoran School of Art, as well as at the George Washington University. He has exhibited in Washington for many years.

Stubbs is the master of a perfectly developed Cubist technique. It stays purely in that tradition without ever moving out of its vocabulary. Picasso and Juan Gris are his mentors and he is an apt pupil. The small still lifes and landscapes are beautifully painted and perfectly controlled, little gems of color and shape. The space is clearly and cleanly defined, the distortions tastefully controlled, the color always rich and harmonious.

Yet you can't help wondering if the artist will eventually move beyond this phase, or whether he will stay, frozen and crystallized, in a moment of time.

Leslie Judd Ahlander, Washington Post, May 20, 1962, page G-6