Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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The Artists Guild has 34 paintings, drawings and prints and several works in sculpture, among them Alice Decker's alabaster "Cockatoos," simple and effective in mass.

The show includes a few surprises. Laura Douglas has moved to the right with her bright, decorative tempera painting of "Azaleas," while Lois Jones and Celine Tabary are showing water colors considerably more contemporary in approach than I have seen heretofore by them.

Jacob Kainen's casein-and-crayon abstraction, "Tableau," in warm colors is arresting and Barbara Ferrell's "Monument to the Past" significant in concept and striking in contrasts.

Eliot O'Hara's crisply presented "Elks' Club" and Prentiss Taylor's frieze of jockeys and trainers stand out among the water colors.

Drawing and prints play a major role in the exhibition. Pietro Lazzari has stabled his horses temporarily to show "Park Politics" (ink drawing), an observant characterization. Other ink drawings expressive in line are Sarah Baker's "Mother and Child," Kenneth Stubbs' "Jack Producing" and Marguerite Burgess' flowing "Doves." Samuel Bookatz has a large drawing, white line on black, a trio of somber heads, "Yugoslavia Peasant." Laura Douglas' lithograph "All God's Children" and Sheffield Kagy's linocut, "Three at Prayer," are noteworthy in their respective media.

Florence Berryman, Washington Star, June 24, 1951, page C-3