Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Kenneth Stubbs, an old Washingtonian not seen for several years, is exhibiting recent paintings and drawings at the Franz Bader gallery. It's a good show.

At first glance the drawings seem fairly unrelated to the paintings. The latter are small for paintings these days and this is a blessed relief. Mr. Stubbs paints in a modified American cubist tradition and this, too, is a pleasure to see. People on the beach, a group of men playing chess, still lifes and dune scenes are broken into fragments of light, shadow, form and perspective and reassembled into compositions of total logic. The beauty of the paintings lies in reading the relationships of color and shape and watching the composition reveal itself almost in the style of an equation. The human intelligence is everywhere at work and it is heartening to see art in which this is still a factor.

Frank Getlein, Washington Star, May 20, 1962, p. C-11