Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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The eighth annual exhibition of the Artists Guild of Washington at the Smithsonian strikes a most alive and progressive note. In this well coordinated show, it is evident that here is a group that favors individual qualities rather than particular schools or trends.

The technical and psychological maturing of an artist is sometimes slow taking recognizable form. We are gratified, therefore, by the strength and simple freedom in Oke Nordgren's "Sentinal" and "Provincetown Wharf."

It would be interesting to see more development in large directive masses such as Samuel Bootatz effects in his oil painting "Medina." From what is known of his more classical work, this trend seems a more pertinent clue to his personal character.

Alfred McAdams' "Spirit in the Grove" shows that there is no longer a mental block with the medium of oil, for its quality equals that of his gouache.

John Chapman Lewis' jet-propelled mind effects so many subtle changes that it is hard to keep up with him. One look at his two oils, though, and it is understandable that this young man would be granted one of the Tiffany scholarships.

We would also like to direct your attention to the stimulating works of Kenneth Stubbs, O. R. Carrington, William Calfee, Lois Jones and the sculpture of Maxim Elias.

Gladys Harrison, Washington Times Herald, Sunday, October 15, 1950