Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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This website presents selected works of art created by Kenneth Stubbs -- more than two hundred paintings and drawings that span four decades and a broad variety of styles from abstract impressionism to classical drawing and Japanese brushwork. The website allows you to acquaint yourself with Stubbs' work in several ways:

Seeking Information

If you have additional information about Kenneth Stubbs' art, we would love to hear from you.

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Web development, digitization, and cataloging by Keith Stubbs. Thanks to

  • Miriam Stubbs for nearly all the materials and information.
  • Pamela Stubbs DeColo for her encouragement, support, and advice both expert and sisterly.
  • Molly Hockman for her tools, ingenuity, and patience.
  • The owners of many of the works for letting us photograph them.
  • Charles Rozier and James Zimmerman for their expert advice on photography.
  • David Cowan, Jim Bennette, and Tom Stack for their expert advice on cataloging and usability.
  • Elizabeth McLean for her video of the 2002 Cape Museum exhibition.
  • The Library of Congress, Smithsonian Archives of American Art, DC Public Library, and Marisa Bourgoin at the Corcoran Gallery and College of Art for access to their archives to supplement family records on exhibitions and reviews.