Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Spotlight On Prints at National Museum

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Pix Theater

At the newly-established Pix Theater, New York Avenue at Thirteenth, the second show of Washington painters does credit to the artists and the theater. Much credit is due to the theater that recognized painting as an integral part of the theater arts in whatever form. Paintings by the younger group of Washingtonians have been placed in the lobby and along the walls of the theater proper. The artists represented include Kenneth Stubbs, Donald Coale, Mary Bradley, Alexander Clayton, Mitchell Jamieson, Paul Arlt, Oke Nordgren, Julia Eckel, and nearly a dozen others.

Outstanding is the work of Mitchell Jamieson, whose "Farm in November" and "Virginia Farm" show much individuality in treatment and clever use of water colors. Dante Radice is represented by a large canvas recently seen at the Art Week exhibit. "The Alameda," by Paul Arlt, is a clever arrangement in color. "Capri Harbor" by Laura Douglas is interesting, and "Morning Mist" by Mary Bradley is a canvas that should be noted, as well as "Little Deer Isle" by Alexander Clayton, "White House" by John De Groot and "Still Life" by Edward Dickens. The large landscape by Carnelli is one of the most effective paintings in this interesting little show.

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Ada Rainey, Washington Post, December 7, 1941, page L7