Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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3 Win Prizes In Landscape Club Contest

This week the Landscape Club of Washington opened a show by members at the Arts Club. This is an annual event which continues, with slight variations, from year to year.

The majority of entries are oils, for the most part tranquil and romantic in disposition, but there are also some water colors and prints included.

Prize winners this year, picked by Firman Wilson, chief of the art division of the Public Library, and Samuel Bookatz, mural painter and portraitist, include:

  1. A silver medal, to Rowland Lyon for "Washington Pawnshop," a water color.
  2. A bronze medal to Edward R. Grove, "Nocturne," also a water color.
  3. Also a bronze medal to Carl Nyquist for "Sycamores," an oil.

There were three honorable mentions--to John C. Rodgers, Kenneth Stubbs, and Paul Arlt.

The only departure from tradition we could detect was in the geometric abstract handling of "Nocturne" by Paul Leland Thompson, and in the somewhat confusing "October Twilight" by Lee Atkyns.

The tone of the show is gentle and nostalgic, typified perhaps by "The Village Store" by Omar Carrington or "Summer Night" by Howard Eugene Chapman or the Ryderlike "Moonlight No. 17" by Samuel B. Pratt.

Some of the paintings have a nineteenth-century air.

Washington Post, December 15, 1946, page S5