Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Three New Shows at Corcoran

[... paragraphs on two other shows omitted ...]

The third show at the Corcoran Gallery is a group of paintings by its faculty members. Each artist is represented by two works, some in diametrically opposed techniques. Richard Lahey shows two delightful paintings, a bouquet of flowers, and a Dufy-like study, "Weighing In." One wishes this artist would exhibit more regularly in the Washington area; one sees to little of his work.

Omar Carrington, who is well known for his moody, romantic paintings of the South, has two works in the showing: "Southern Monoliths" and "Regatta," neither painting, however, among the best things he has done.

Jessalee Sickman shows work in her usual strong style, a "Man in a Smock" and a study of trees. Eugen Weisz is represented by two landscapes; Heinz Warneke by two of his compact and weighty sculptures. Kenneth Stubbs shows work in widely differing techniques: a semi-abstract, flatly patterned "Wharf Still Life" and an impressionist study of "Carcassonne Rooftops." Edmund Archer shows a professional portrait and a strong little painting of three figures.

Leslie Judd Portner, Washington Post, October 12, 1952, page L4