Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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A Feeling For Paint

The exhibition of paintings by Eugen Weisz's students, now at the Colony, gives ample demonstration of the breadth and eclecticism of his teaching. Almost all techniques and approaches are on display, with the only common denominator perhaps a feeling for the plastic texture of paint itself. Among the most interesting works is Irene Preveden's superb "Interior," rich in texture and detail, with an ominous figure of a man dominating it. Omar Carrington's "Swamp Moon" is in his romantic, dreamy style, lush in paint quality. Theodora Kane's "Storm, Baltimore," has her usual vitality, while Mimi Bolton's tightly knit "Melons and Limes" shows her strong intellectual control. "Ponte Vecchio," by Kenneth Stubbs has rich surface calligraphy, and Rowland Lyon continues his clear, simple style in "Washington Pawnshop." The exhibition will run through January 7.

Washington Post, January 2, 1955, page H11