Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Music and Dance

"Music and Dance" is the title of the new exhibition at the Artists' Mart, 1361 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. The showing, though not large, samples a pleasing variety of the movement and color of its subjects.

The classic lines of the ballet are frequently expressed, in a number of moods. Katherine B. Hobbs catches the action in a web brush drawing in water color, "Le Danseur." Helen B. Niles abstracts the spirit in "Classic Ballet" and "Pas Deux." She also includes two appealing child paintings.

Ralph de Burgos presents the thoughtful ballerina in "Pensive Moment," oil on gesso, and Miss Hobbs sculptures her grace in terra cotta. A monotype by Richard Lahey depicts the "Ballet Rehearsal."

Ballroom Dancers in Water Color

Ballroom dancers are the subject of Kenneth Stubbs' intriguing and colorful abstraction with angular lines. Jo Danforth captures the swirling tempo of "Rondo" in water color and ink.

A very handsome work is Mr. de Burgos' "Harmony," his first work in oil on paper, a composite of musical media in exquisite colors.

Miss Hobbs, an admirer of the circus horse, also shows her terra cotta sculpture "Circus Horse with Rider."

Aline Fruhauf contributes delightful caricature in her ink-and-wash drawing of Mischa Elman and a gouache of Maurice Ravel.

Harriet Griffiths, Washington Sunday Star, September 7, 1952, page E-7