Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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Artists' Mart

New works by Washington artists were recently hung at The Artists' Mart, 1361 Wisconsin Avenue, to remain through November 11. Samual Bookatz' semiabstract, "Hill Town" has more depth and tone than some of his recent work; his "Canal," in contrast, is bright in color. Of several paintings by Marguerite Burgess, I liked best a new version of "Pigeons," whose flowing lines have inspired work in several media by her.

John Chapman Lewis has gotten away from the waterfront in "Rhythmic City," but retains the color scheme and general pattern of his harbor themes. Florence Higgs' "Harbor" and Kenneth Stubbs' "Roof Tops" are wholly representational. Omar Carrington's "Summer Storm" is expressive. Design is strong in Rudolf von Huhn's print based on African motifs.

Florence S. Berryman, Washington Star, November 1, 1953, page E7