Kenneth Stubbs
(American artist, 1907-1967)

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There is another exhibition in the Corcoran Gallery of Art at the present time which deserves attention of its own. It is a one-man show in water colors and drawings by Kenneth Stubbs, a member of the faculty of the Corcoran School of Art. Mr. Stubbs, who is a native of Georgia, received much of his art training at the Corcoran Gallery School.

While attending he was awarded two first prizes and is a member of the Society of Washington Artists. He painted a mural in Barber School, Highland Park, Mich.

In his water color work Mr. Stubbs paints with great delicacy of color and touch and he knows the possibilities in abundant white space in his paintings.

A still life, "Mushrooms," is very fine, and his quaint bit of Old Williamsburg deserves special mention as well.

Mr. Stubbs' lithographs have real charm, too, quite as much as his water colors. In them economy of line, meticulous drawing, and splendid execution make a notable contribution to this form of the graphic arts.

Elizabeth E. Poe, Washington Times Herald, January 28, 1940, page C-8